Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Ms.LINDIWE DORSEL MNTAMBO, One Star Manager from Durban Branch
2021-09-08 13:18:53

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, being an uneducated woman has many challenges when it comes to providing for her family. However as she was employed, it didn’t bother her that much until she got sick and was not able to work anymore.
In 2008, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, her health was deteriorating and her work performance was getting poor. Her employers decided that it was time to “let her go”. All the 14 years of working had gone down the drain in a very short span of time. Now that she was unemployed and sick, there was nobody to take care of her family. The frequent hospital visits were just too much as she was running low on cash. She was struggling to make ends meet that she couldn’t even afford to pay rent on time.
She was scheduled for surgery in six months, but the pain was unbearable and the medication didn’t help at all. That’s when a church member introduced her to Green world, after nagging and hesitation, she brought the products.  She was advised to join Green World, so that she could get a discount. After 2 weeks, she could touch her abdomen without feeling any pain. Moreover she surprisingly received money on her account from Green World when she was told she’s a 3* on the 20th, as she continued to buy products under her child’s name with earned money.
On her final doctor’s appointment before surgery, they couldn’t find the cancer, and said maybe she was misdiagnosed. After getting back on her feet, she wanted to know more about the business. She attended the presentation, like a sponge, she absorbed every information she needed for her business. Her previous manager used to say recruiting is the backbone of network marketing. She started recruiting new people to be her business partners.

Now she’s a newly qualified 1* manager. She’s enjoying her new found life. She has her own house and her child attends a non-government school.  Just as she said, life is good!  With Green World, she has been on a luxury cruise and even boarded a plane but most importantly she always has a positive bank balance. She is grateful to Green World for not only saving her life but also giving her a life time opportunity.

Now her eyes are set to the 1.5 million she will be receiving upon reaching 3* manager rank. She will never look back, she is moving forward with Green World. Nothing is impossible. If she did it, anyone can do it. Remember the sky is the limit.