Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Ms. Fengling Chen, One Star Manager from Cape Town Branch
2021-09-08 13:33:28

Network Marketing was not my thing until I got introduced to Green World in 2015. In November the same year I decided to get involved, not because I had an experience in this business but I just wanted to give it a try. My Name is Fengling Chen, I am from China but I had businesses running in South Africa, I am a mother of four and I was born on the 20th of April 1978.

Paulina as a Clothes Retailer

I had Entrepreneurial background, but what I got in in this company made me believe that Network Marketing is a better way. I have been dreaming to travel the world, without asking for anyone’s help but operating as an independent women. I had no any idea of how i would do that and then Green World made my dream come true.

As a Green World Distributor

I just started by sharing this business with other people, selling the products and I saw amazing results going on. If the product is having good effect, definitely people will talk good about it. In no time I started seeing people coming to my shop as referrals. This increased my belief and I saw sales volume increasing day by day. The year went by and within 3 months of running business, I hit sales volume of over 20 000. I was so impressed because this came with an paid International trip to China. Though its my mother country, it just feels good to travel as a team with this success spirit. In few months of keeping on, I qualified multiple trips, which I lost count in and that made me got my first car in less than 8 months. This was because I managed to hit over 80 000 sales volume, and almost double it, and in few months later, I got another car. This made me close 2016 with a bang because I was having over R172 000 in cash promotion plus other bonuses from Green World Marketing plan, which then sums up to over R200 000. I, then, decided to get my shop registered so since then I am operating as speciality shop owner.

Paulina won car award

The Spirit in me increased when I started producing trips in my team. I started feeling that it was not necessarily for me, but to help others. Year 2017 was a very good year. We got more trips and cars in the team. Because of that the sales volume was keeping on increasing daily as people were getting health and financial wise. I became an 8 star the same year, over a Million sales volume, with a team of over 3 000 people and that came up with a Trip to the beautiful city of Paris. It was an amazing experience because many times I could think, what if I would have rejected the Opportunity, I should not have been travelling the world. I really enjoyed the trip with other leaders from different countries like Zimbabwe. Seeing the Eiffel Tower where I was always seeing in movies made me understood that the world is small somehow. My income increased as my business grew and I decided to quit a clothes retail business I was doing and concentrate with this business.

In Paris with Other Leaders of Green World Company

Paulina’s photo in Paris

In 2018, I was making sales per month, that I made in my first 7 months in this business. Obviously this always coming up with a good bonus from Green World. So it is an obvious case that if I would then make over 40 000 sales volume per month, it then did not take me much time before I close other 2 business cars in this same year. Business was growing so well and expansion was no longer something special to me. I went on to open more sub shops in my team and up to date, we have over 7 shops in our team which are running with good sales.

Paulina’s Top Distributors

The year 2019 came up with more special awards, and even up to now, I can’t even explain. Since the team is keeping on growing, I managed to get an award of Most Productive shop in South Africa. I was so happy because 2019 was one of best years ever. I got another business car award, qualified for Mauritius Tour. I can see great things happening. My team is happy with who they have as a leader. It is quite interesting.

Pulina’s Team

The Year 2020 was good, even though there was pandemic. But we managed to maintain our sales. It is my wish to be a Millionaire in US dollar terms. As I listen to other powerful women in our industry, I have a strong belief that, if someone can do it, then I can do it. For me, everything has changed, i now have enough time for my kids, i can support my family, and my husband is happy having a helper.
Be blessed if you you are reading this story. We are looking forward to put Green World on great heights.