Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Mr. ELISHA NAMAGOWA, One Star Manager from Johannesburg Branch
2021-09-08 13:46:04


Elisha Namagowa is one of Green World International distributors and one of top leaders at Green World Johannesburg brunch, before joining Green World he was working as waiter for 12 years at Mimmos Italian restaurant, working long hours but less payment. He was one of those people in deep poverty but going to work every day. In 2015, his friend Mr Mlandeli Derrick Ncube recruited him to join Green World. He went to attend his first presentation at Green World head office at park town, after that powerful presentation, he decided to register and became a Green World member. The starting point is always difficult, because he was doing Green World part time, while on his off day, he always tried his best to make sure that people could attend his presentation at Johannesburg through paying transportation fee by himself.


He started to have team to work with him, they put money together as a team to buy a Gazebo. He never knew that it was his break through from poverty to success, thus at that time he even resigned at work and started doing his business full-time. After 6 months, he got a free China trip award. When he came back from China, he was one of the celebrity, everyone wanted to know how did he make it and how they can make it.


His achievement at Green World is really unbelievable. Three years after working hard with his team, he bought his first 8 bedroom house and bought his Toyota luxury car with full payment. Now he is preparing to buy his villa. Meanwhile, he is also a Green world Shop owner 011, one of the top selling shops at South Africa centurion (Oliven shop)


With Green World business he has traveled almost the whole world such as China, Thailand, Paris France, Dubai for free.

Green World offers so much free time, he is now having free time with his lovely wife Yvonne Dube who never stops supporting him from day that he joins Green world until now. As a father of two boys and one beautiful girl, he has time to help them with school homework. As Green world Shop owner he is managing his business with his lovely wife.

His powerful great team is Oliven, working hard every year and with lots of achievements. He said if he never join Green World company he would be still poor, suffering and in deep poverty.