Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report——Mr. Matshena Moyo, One-Star Manager, Johannesburg Branch
2021-09-08 14:09:50


Mr. Matshena Moyo joined Green World in 2015 and has never looked back, today, he is a One-Star Manager. He sees network marketing as an amazing career and has benefitted tremendously from this business.


Like any other business, he understood that network marketing needed commitment, love, discipline, and courage to achieve success. Over his six-year journey in Green World, he has seen others achieve success and attain their goals. He has always been willing to learn from others and realized that the best view is at the top. With that in mind, he worked tirelessly to build his network, although it was not easy, he felt that it was worth his time. He was of the mindset that great success comes after a struggle.


His years in the business has allowed him to help assist others and change many lives. To him, the advantages of being in the Green World business, is that you get to interact with customers and business partners on a personal level and trainings are free. When Mr. Moyo joined Green World back in 2015, he understood that network marketing was about rejection and acceptance and that only a few people would believe in his vision. During his time in Green World, he has won many awards including international tour awards, car awards and cash awards. Green World has allowed him to obtain wealth, as well as health, and given his family a comfortable life. If he had continued working at his old job, he would have had no legacy to leave for his family. He is thankful to his wife who has been his constant support on the bumpy road to success. Together, they have managed to rise quickly through the ranks and in 2020 became shareholders of Green World Africa. From rags to riches, today, they are living their dream lives.