Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Mr. SIKHUMBUZO NDLOVU, One Star Manager from Johannesburg Branch
2021-09-08 14:20:26

Mr. Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu believes that good decisions help to create a better future in our lives.

As one of the most important decisions in his life, Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu joined in Green World on October 6, 2012. He said he will always remember that day in his life because it is the day he took the bold step of signing up as a member of Green World.

As an uneducated young man, his future looked bleak as he toiled everyday for a monthly salary that couldn't satisfy his basic needs. He couldn't see himself doing anything else besides being a security guard and he was bound to be stuck in that job for the rest of his life.

When he started his journey at Green World, he had no knowledge of Network Marketing. Fortunately, Green World provides free training courses on a regular basis. Through hard study, he mastered the knowledge and skills of Network Marketing in a short time.

It was not long before he started seeing the desired results. His team started growing and he had to quickly adapt and take up leadership roles. He started attending trainings on how to become a presenter after discovering that knowledge was vital for growth and continuity in the team.
As a presenter, he not only providing leadership for his team but for Green World branch office.

This is the time when he took the decision to resign from his work and focus on the business full time. At last this decision has proved to be wise and necessary as the team started growing in numbers and spreading to other areas. This was in the year 2014 and from there all his efforts everyday were channelled into his business. His income in Green World grew and he also gained many other skills.

The business of Network Marketing has taught him that nothing is impossible in life as long as you believe in yourself and take up opportunity. As things stand today, he has learnt to live a different lifestyle through Green World. He has flown to Cape Town and overseas to China, France, Australia and the United States through fully paid trip by Green World. All these tours have raised his thinking level and he now see life differently.

He has moved up the ranks in the company and now enjoying the financial freedom stage. As a manager at Green World, his duty is now more of administrating and giving guidance to the upcoming leaders.

He has also matured as a man and he is able to provide for his wife and kid without any stress and spend quality time with his wife and his boys. He said that he is simply having the best time of his life and he will continue to work on even achieving more since the company continues to offer opportunities all the time.

He would like to encourage all those who are still confused to take that decision and join Green World.