Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report——Mr. Isaac Ssempijja, Two-Star Manager, Uganda Branch
2021-09-08 14:38:05

Mr. Isaac Ssempijja was born in 1981 in the Masaka district of Uganda. He has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, BBA Marketing Option from Makerere University Business School.

Mr. Ssempijja Isaac

In September 2010, he joined Green World and started working as a retailer. After working for two years, he got tired of it and felt that he was merely dispensing medicines for Green World and not selling products. He realized that even though he was making money, he was exhausted, and retiring would be next to impossible since he had to be there in person to maintain the business.
In 2013, he started recruiting people into Green World and saw his business begin to expand. In November of that same year, he received his first car award from Green World. Mr. Ssempijja has so far received many cars and attained the level of Two-Star Manager. Green World has become his lifelong career and he does not plan to pursue any other business opportunities.

Prof. Deming Li (President of Green World Group), Mr. Isaac Ssempijja and Mr. David Zhang (Vice President of Green World Group) after a meeting at a new Nanjing Restaurant.

Mr. Ssempijja receiving his Car Award cheque of $10,000 from branch manager Mr. Ren.

Mr. Ssempijja has been receiving and continues to receive a bonus each month since becoming a One-Star Manager. He is proud of the growth of his team, and the fact that he has had an opportunity to change the lives of many people through his initiatives in Green World. As part of the Green World family, he is happy, prosperous and has travelled extensively due to the numerous travel awards he has received from Green World.

Mr. Ssempijja giving out TVs to 5* Fast Awards.

Mr. Ssempijja and his team members during Green World trip to South Africa

Mr. Ssempijja and Kenya team members during Green World’s trip to South Africa

Mr. Ssempijja with Green World Uganda members at the airport ready for departure to China

In 2014, Mr. Ssempijja got married to his beautiful wife and together have four wonderful children. He is currently constructing a 12-unit apartment which he attributes to his success in Green World.

The family of Mr. Isaac Ssempijja

Mr. SSempijja is also extensively involved in agriculture and is now growing crops using Green World’s Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer which has allowed him to have another income stream, and at the same time, helped him to inspire and convince other farmers to join the Green World family.
We hope that Green World’s fertilizer will bring great harvests and happy lives to many more people.