Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Mr. BRIGHT YAO KOMLA SENYO, Three Star Manager from Ghana Branch
2021-10-18 16:02:12

MR. BRIGHT YAO KOMLA SENYO (BULLET) is a pioneer leader, committed to the expansion and development of Green World West African market. He is a marketing specialist and also a health consultant. He attended Taviefe Senior High and is an alumnus of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and holds the highest level qualifications of the Managing and Marketing Sales Association (MAMSA-UK). He is also a member of Ghana Professional Coaches Association after successfully completing the coaching course in 2002 in Ghana.

He has a lovely family with six children.

With rich experience in direct selling, Mr. BRIGHT YAO KOMLA SENYO has a large network team. In 2007 when the Ghana branch was set up, he built a direct sales team of 1000 people in one month, which laid the foundation for Green World's expansion in Ghana. Due to his outstanding performance and management skills, he was appointed as assistant to the General Manager of Ghana Branch and assisted in the management of Kumasi Branch from 2007 to 2012.


Mr. BRIGHT YAO KOMLA SENYO personally created a distributor network in the following countries in West Africa, namely: Liberia Branch, Togo Branch, Sierra Leone Branch, etc. Due to his large distributor network base and the demand for products, Green World International Nigeria Branch was established in 2009.


He leads his team to help many people improve their living conditions, gain health and have secure income. Moreover, great leaders are created in his team, who have contributed greatly to the development of Green World in West Africa. No pains no gains. Mr. BRIGHT has received many rewards at the platform of Green World, including travel, car and villa awards:
· International travel - visited China, South Africa, Indonesia, Ethiopia etc.
· Seven Star Car Award
· The 2 star manager business car Award.

And finally, Mr.BRIGHT YAO KOMLA SENYO hopes to continue to make persistent effort for the development of Green World in West Africa and strive to achieve better performance.