Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Ms. MARY MALGWI SANUSI, One Star Director from Nigeria Abuja Branch
2021-10-18 16:11:53

The person Mary Sanusi was married to Mr SANUSI Nuhu Malgwi and was blessed with 3 children. She obtained a BSC in Business Administration University of Abuja.


She signed up with Green world company April 2013, after her dream, vision, passion and hope of living a healthy life, giving her children quality education, driving good car, helping the needy failed through the textile, clothing, shoes and bags business, she was involved in 10 years of struggle, she couldn't meet up with family responsibilities and was suffering from chronic gastritis ulcer problem. She bought Green world products including Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Propolis, In-cleansing Tea and got better. She devoted herself to learn more about Green world products. To MARY SANUSI, Green world is a life changing business and an answered prayer from God, she embraced the business wholeheartedly, devoting her time telling people about this great opportunity of living a healthy life and financial freedom. Within 6 months of joining the business, she got her first business car.

(MARY SANUSI collected her first business car within 6 months of joining Green world business.)
In 2014, she upgraded to 8 Star Consultant, obtaining 2 business cars.

In 2015, she has become 2 star manager, obtaining 6 cars within a year, totally 15 cars together with that obtained by her team. So far Ms. Mary Sanusi has collected 20 business cars in Green World Company and still counting… Green world is the best.

(Mary Sanusi during the annual car award meeting)

MARY SANUSI wishes all her team members to be successful and achieve their dreams and live a healthy life. She uses the cars she qualified for to assist her active down lines to qualify for their own cars and international trips. She has travelled to Dubai, South Africa and Kenya together with her team members through Green World Company.



(Mary Sanusi and her team during her trips with Green World)
In 2017, she qualified her 3 star manager.

In 2020, during the world wide pandemic, she and her team members worked tirelessly, encouraging their customers and all Green World distributors to take Green World products to boost their immune system against life threatening diseases.  And hence she emerged as STAR ONE DIRECTOR!

Her passion in helping people and bringing hope to their lives, has made her specialty shop to become a centre of health care. People came in with tears, worry and anxiety and come out with smiles and jubilation. It is a place where low income earners, highly placed personalities, business people and top government officials  trooped in to seek solutions to their health concerns through consulting Green World health consultants and Green World business.
She has used Green World products and knowhow for health problems ranging from arthritis to eye disorders.

She recorded 15 to 20 families every year who were childless before, some even tried In vitro fertilisation (IVF) severally but failed. Green World products have helped them improve their health conditions. Some couples were so blessed with twins and triplet.

Green world products have done a lot in my individual life and the family at large particularly Green World products has terminated 3 years of childlessness in my family and by the grace of God I have 2 kids now (a boy and a girl). This testimony is from Joseph Simon Alahira and the family even though we don't have a family picture yet.

This child was born into this world when Mary Sanusi carefully advised her parents on what Green World product to take to boost fertility. Her parents were so grateful that they named her Mary

Green World business opportunity is God’s answered prayer to change her from NOBODY to SOMEBODY and from ZERO to HERO. What you have been looking for is right in front of you in Green World COMPANY.  You just have to sign up, and in no distant time, everything will become yours.