Green World Canada Branch 2022 Annual Meeting Successfully Held
2023-02-03 18:56:45
Green World Canada 2022 Annual Meeting was held at Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club in Toronto on January 22, 2023 and was attended by distributors and leaders from different regions of Canada.
On the meeting, Mr. Thomas, manager of Green World Canada Branch, delivered a welcoming speech, expressing his gratitude to everyone for their efforts in the difficult epidemic situation over the past one year and his congratulations on the achievementsmade by everyone. He also thanked Dr.Deming Li, president of Green World Group, and the employees from the headquarters  for their support. He announced the incentive plan for 2023 to restart the international tour incentive that everyone has been looking forward to. In 2023, the epidemic will come to an end and people will pay more attention to health, which is an opportunity for the company. The overall environment will be more conducive to the development of the market. In 2023, the company will focus on the development of new markets and strengthen offline training. In addition, he introduced the new project of milk tea shop, and wished everyone to achieve greater achievements in 2023.

Mr. Thomas, manager of Green World Canada Branch, delivering a speech
Then, Ms. Gale Ellis made a speech on behalf of the Canadian distributors, expressing gratitude to Dr. DemingLi , president of Green World Group, for bringing Green World to Canada. She highly recognized the health benefits that the company's products bring to customers. Green World not only brings health to everyone but also wealth. She encouraged all distributors to make more efforts in market development and actively participate in the training of the company on products and business to work together with the company to make the business of Green World bigger and stronger, hoping that the company can put more good products on the market. She is full of confidence in the development of Green World Group in North America, and wish to achieve better development in 2023.  

Ms. Gale Ellis making a speech
On the conference, distributors who have made outstanding contributions in 2022 were commended. Awards such as Outstanding Trainer Award, Specialty Shop Award, Market Development Award, Outstanding Leader Award and Cash Award were presented. Outstanding distributors were rewarded with pads, laptops, cash, etc., which encouraged distributors to strive for better performance in the new year to get more rewards. distributors deeply felt that Green World was a reliable enterprise with broad development prospects.

Ms. Gale Ellis, winner of Excellent Trainer Award and Excellent Leader Award

Mr. Kulendran Rajaratnam, winner of Excellent Distributor Award 

Mr. Eddie Justo, winner of Excellent Distributor Award
Mr. Eddie Justo made a speech in which she shared the importance of teamwork and talked about how to improve yourself and develop and grow your team.

Dr. Charles Waana, winner of Excellent Trainer Award and Excellent Leader Award, making a speech 

Dr. Charles Waana, PHD, who trains distributors not only in Canada but also in Green World Africa from time to time .

Ms. Zorah Smith, winner of Excellent Leader Award and 2,500 Canadian Dollar Cash Award

Mr. Sukumar Peethamparam, winner of Excellent Leader Award
Mr. Sukumar Peethamparam shared his experience and sincerely thanked his team and the Green World management team for their great help and support.

Ms. Elizabeth Rutledge, winner of Excellent Leader Award

Ms. Elizabeth Rutledge, a senior distributor who has been with the company since its establishment, shared her experience with the company and expressed her confidence in the development of Green World Group in North America.

Mr. Clyde Harris, winner of Excellent Leader Award and 10,000 Canadian Dollar Cash Award
Mr. Clyde Harris has been a senior distributor since the establishment of the company. He shared his successful experience and proved to everyone that as long as he or she worked hard, anyone in Green World could be as successful as him.


Sharing with team numbers

Singing and dancing 
After the meeting, the company prepared a buffet dinner and the raffle activity as well as organized a dance party on which distributors joyfully sang and danced.