News about Green World Cape Town Branch General Manager and Durban Branch General Manager Visiting Nanjing Production Base
2023-02-24 16:03:48

On February 19, 2023, Mr. Huang Shangren, general manager of Green World Cape Town Branch, and Mr. Huang Shangwen, general manager of Durban Branch, visited the newly built production base in Nanjing during their vacation. Colleagues in Nanjing warmly welcomed them.


On the second day, a seminar was held. Dr. Deming Li , president of Green World Group, and Jenna Li, general manager of Nanjing Lishui Biotechnology Co., LTD., General Manager Huang Shangren, General Manager Huang Shangwen, and all the middle management of Nanjing production base participated in the seminar. General Manager Huang Shangren introduced the development situation of Green World African region and the work plan for 2023. Some problems encountered in the current work were seriously discussed and sorted out. The participants were encouraged and expressed that they would continue to provide strong support and logistical guarantee for the promotion of market performance in African region. Through discussion of the working process, some practical problems were solved. It is believed that the development of the African market will be strongly promoted.

Later, led by Dr. Deming Li, the two managers visited the newly completed office building and the new production base. Dr. Deming Li introduced the future development prospect and planning in detail and discussed with the two managers about the activities related to "2023 Excellent Overseas Distributors China Tour and Opening Ceremony of Nanjing Production Base" to be held in the near future. Next, the two managers learned about the milk tea project to be promoted globally in 2023. They personally learned and participated in the process of milk tea making and dessert baking. This study will definitely play a positive role in promoting the milk tea project in Africa.



In the evening, everyone had dinner together. This visit not only enhanced the relationship between overseas branch managers and colleagues in Nanjing production base, but also made everyone work more smoothly and full of confidence in the future development of Green World.