Green World 2008 1st Lecturer Training and Selection Seminar
2008-11-12 20:00:00
Green World Africa 2008 1st Lecturer Training and Selection Seminar was solemnly opened on 20th October 2008 in the head office of Green World South Africa in Johannesburg. 45 candidates from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Nigeria, D R Congo and all parts of South Africa including Durban, East London, Rustenburg, Petersburg, Johannesburg and Pretoria were trained by Green World certified top lectures from Johannesburg. 
The four-day seminar was highlighted by the comprehensive training in Green World Compensation Plan, Green World products and motivation. All the attendees also took the opportunity to communicate and learn from each other from different countries and regions, and also share the success experience of doing Green World business. The fourth day of the seminar, all the candidates took the writing examination and oral examination in front of a judging panel consisting of top marketing leaders, top management of Green World Africa and the lecturing professionals. In line with the strict criteria of lecturer-selection, 37 trainees were presented with the Lecturer Certificate, and 8 were presented with the Advanced Lecturer Certificate attribute to their wonderful performance.
The attendees were also trained on How to Be a Successful Lecturer, Presentation Idea and Tips, Principles of Marketing Strategy, Organizational Behaviors, Customer Buying Behavior and Buying Psychology, and Setting and Achieving Your Goals. All the attendees were equipped more knowledge of Green World products, the unique Compensation Plan and marketing skills which enable them to further develop the market when they go back to where they are from.
¡¡ãThe 2008 1st Lecturer Training and Selection Seminar is a big success, for all the trainees, they know a lot more than before about the advantages and strengths of Green World which make it different from other companies. "We are looking forward to more seminars like this to be organized,¡¡À said Mrs. Ngidi, one of the Certified Green World Trainers, whose presentation and motivation received common reverberations among all the attendees.  
The 2008 1st Lecturer Training and Selection Seminar concluded successfully on 23rd of October, 2008.

All Enthralled with the Profesional Presentation

Attendees Writing the Examinations

 Certified Green World Lecturers¡¯ Team of the Seminar

 Advanced Green World Lecturer Certificate Winners Posing for a Group Picture      

Green World Lecturer Certificate Winners Posing for a Group Picture

The Seminar Concluded Successfully with all Overjoyed