Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch Awarding Conference of the Middle of Year 2019 Successfully Convened
2019-08-15 09:59:16

On July 27, 2019, Green World South Africa Johannesburg branch held the awarding conference of the middle of year 2019 in Mankwe Campus auditorium of RUSTENBURG in North West Province of South Africa. Over 1200 distributors came to attend the grand meeting from various regions and surrounding countries.




On the conference, firstly the regional distributor leader Ms.Mkhwanazi Prudence made a welcoming speech. She briefly reviewed and concluded the partial results obtained in the past time and welcomed the arrival of Mr. Glory Guo, general manager of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch, and Ms. Heather Sima, finance manager of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch. Then she expressed gratitude to the senior leaders and distributors for their great support, to the whole staff of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch for their hard works. At last, she wished the complete success of the conference. 


Afterwards, senior leaders from various regions took the stage to give inspiring and uplifting speeches.Leader PETJA SHOKI RAMAITE told the attendees that his life had changed dramatically in the two years after he joined Green World business. He had his own house and car, achieved happiness of life and success of career. Leader MADITO MOLEBALWA also told the story of how his life was changed after he joined Green World, how he became to the top distributor in Green World from a common company employee, and how his life and his family’s life changed. Leader ABIGAIL MASHA humorously and vividly told everyone the change of her life after joining Green World, and she made efforts to make herself an independent female with ideal and career.The speech inspired everyone present, she encouraged everyone at the same time, as long as you join Green World business and as long as you work hard enough, you will also be the winner of life just like her.Another leader Mrs. NKIWANE SIBUSISSO also shared how she and her husband helped and supported each other in Green World business, as well as their happiness and love. The happiness both in family and career inspired everyone present.





On the meeting, nearly 200 distributors won 5-Star Fast Growth Award who going to the stage to receive the award and taking group photos


The distributors winning awards can not help sharing and reviewing their experiences engaging in Green World business. SELLOE REFILWE shared how she succeeded in Green World. The largest harvest was that she and her family got health through Green World. A 10-year-old girl suffered from skin disease and was diagnosed with allergic skin through several medical examinations. She can not eat any allergen food, which brought her huge trouble in the life. While finally her skin disease was gradually relieved through using Green World detoxifying products and also by adjusting intestines and stomach functions. All the attendees warmly applauded and cheered to express congratulations to the girl meanwhile to express gratitude to Green World for its high quality products.


Then 42 China Tour Awards and 12 Business Car Awards were issued on the meeting. With the warm applause, the winners went to the stage to receive the awards and the congratulations from all attendees who all took photos for the winners. The atmosphere reached to the climax, all the distributors and winners sang and danced together to celebrate this exciting moment.




Mr. Glory Guo, general manager of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch, made an address after presenting car awards. He expressed gratitude to the distributors for their hard works. The year of 2019 was the 12th year since Green World South Africa Branch was established. He hoped distributors could well develop, expand and unite their marketing teams through actively using the “internet+”marketing mode, meanwhile actively promote a series of new product of the company which were introduced to South Africa recently including skin care products and the unique solid functional drinks. Then Mr.Guo also made a strategy planning for the work of the second half of the year. The speech got warm applause and response. The distributors winning awards excitedly expressed that they would make more effort to develop the team and thus achieve more splendid performance on the annual meeting in the end of the year.



On this meeting, Mauritius Tour Award and Luxury Cruise Award were issued.The winners went to the stage to fully enjoy the joy of success. JOHANNA TAU and MKWEBU ISAAC made addresses in which they expressed that they would make more effort in the future. The speeches greatly encouraged and stimulated the attendees.


In the end of the meeting, 10 distributors winning Australia Tour Award were awarded. Ms.MOYO NIRONENCE who had been awarded Luxury Car also won this tour award. Crowded by her team members who were singing and dancing, she went up to the stage to receive the award and congratulations.She made an speech in which she expressed that she would work harder to make much better performance. Other winners also made incentive speeches which pushed the conference to the climax once more. The attendees all stood up to congratulate the complete success of this meeting.
Green World South Africa Johannesburg distributor team had been expanding and had achieved huge success. All the distributors were full of passion and confidence to the future. Let’s join hands to make more efforts. It’s believed that Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch will usher in more splendid tomorrow.